The Official FAQ

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The Official FAQ

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  • Does the bot work with both Omega and Alpha accounts?


  • Is there a demo or trial version?

    Yes, all new accounts get a 2 hour free trial. After the trial expires, you'll need tokens to continue to use the AbyssBot

  • How do I purchase tokens?

    Tokens can be bought here

  • Do tokens ever expire if they sit too long or I don't use them?

    No, tokens never expire.

  • Does the bot support more than 1 Eve-Online character?

    Yes, you can use the AbyssBot with as many characters as you want.

  • Why do I need to add my in game character names to the website?

    Being able to recognize your in-game character name helps the Abyss Bot find the correct Eve-Online window. We also use this as a way prevent abuse of our introductory 2 free hours. We plan on adding features around this in the future including managing ship loadouts, chat options, and other ideas we're still exploring.

  • Where do I add my characters?

    In the User Control Panel (UCP) under the character tab. UCP link is top right corner, or click Here

  • Can I run multiple copies of the AbyssBot at the same time?

    AbyssBot can run 1 instance per windows at this time, so if you have Vmware or similar software, you can run one per windows instance. We plan on allowing multiple eve windows in the future.

  • Can I still die inside the abyss with the bot?

    Yes, you can still be killed inside the abyss. In our testing, we found that survivability is approximately ~99.9% in t0 and drops per tier, with t5 at ~99.6%. Nonetheless, survivability is highly dependent on character skills and ship and fitting configuration; if you can't run an Abyss yourself, it's likely that the bot can't either.

  • Do you offer refunds or ISK replacement any time I die inside the abyss?

    No, there is no refund or replacement policy if you die in the abyss when using the AbyssBot you are using it at your own risk

  • Will my Eve-Online account get banned if I use the AbyssBot?

    If you over-use the bot by running it more than 9 hours a day, you will probably be detected and your account will be banned. If you vary your in-game activity, randomize your schedule, and allow the bot to log off intermittently, you will likely remain undetected. To read more about bot dection Click Here

  • Can the bot do anything else besides run abyss sites?

    Yes, the AbyssBot has 3 additional bots. A hauling/distribution bot, a mining bot, and a travel/jump bot. More bots will be added in the future.

  • What happens if I run out of tokens while inside the abyss?

    The bot will continue to function normally, and will only stop once you are safely out of the abyss.

  • What happens if I run out of tokens doing mining or hauling?

    The bot will finish the current activity, and once safely docked will shutdown.

  • Is there any kind of refund policy if I change my mind after purchasing tokens?

    You can request a refund at any time and your account refund will be prorated based off how many tokens are left on the account.

  • How do I request a refund?

    Send a private message to dev, please include the date and time of the purchase and amount. The refund amount will be a prorated amount based off remaining tokens on the account

  • Can I turn off my monitor with the AbyssBot active?

    In some situations, especially for users with DisplayPort and HDMI cables, Windows may detect that your monitor is powered off, causing the GPU to go to sleep. As such, we don't recommend turning off your monitor. Please see -> for more information. Another option is to buy a HDMI dummy plug keep the GPU from going into sleep.

  • Can I run the bot in full screen or minimize the Eve-Online window?

    The AbyssBot will only work if Eve-Online is in window mode

  • How do I disable or stop the bot after I have started it and it has control of the mouse?

    You can hold down the F5 key and wait until you see "The bot is now paused"

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