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Bot Detection

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Can & how CCP currently detects bots?
CCP uses automated database queries to detect bots, plus if any other users report you.

The primary way is "active play time", aka how many hours you run the bot per day with active input. If you run the bot too long, after too many days, CCP will *assume* you're running a bot.

I highly recommend to stay under 9 hours a day and 40 hours a week, and even then there is still some risk. *DO NOT* bot in Jita or near jita or any high traffic system.

Ideally you should only run the bot 8 hours a day max (including breaks & playing without a bot), and do not run it more than 3 days in a row. Randomize your play schedule. Take some days off. Do other in-game activities as well. Chat with others from time to time.

A quick recap of how bots are handled at present:

  • Punishment is never limited to the offending account; if successfully verified, all accounts that belong to the offender are penalized.
  • Alpha accounts are permanently banned on first offense
  • Generally, Omega accounts may receive a 3-day suspension on first offense, and a permanent ban on second.
  • Some bots are permanently banned on first offense due to the methods used to manipulate the client.

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