T4 Gamma Karybdis Tyrannos bot logic

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T4 Gamma Karybdis Tyrannos bot logic

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I almost have a passive Gila fit for safely running T4 Gammas, but bot logic should be tweaked a bit.

There's a room that spawns a battleship (Karybdis Tyrannos) that orbits like at 40km. Since the Karybdis orbits outside weapon range (Rapid Light Missile Launchers, 29km), the bot tries to orbit it, getting far away from the Bioadaptative Cache and wasting a lot of time going back and approaching to the Conduit. Would it be possible to just send the drones to the Karybdis Tyrannos upon entering the room while using the missiles to kill everything else and while orbiting the Biocache and waiting until room is clear? Also it's better to prioritize the Karybdis Tyrannos upong entering the room, because it spawns like at 30% shield but it slowly regens overtime.

Otherwise, the bot is wonderful congratulations for the good job. I will post the fit when the bot is succesfully tweaked. I'd run like 80 T4 Gamma sites and died just once (because I had bad luck and I chained two Karybdis rooms and ran out of time).

Thank you for your time!
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Re: T4 Gamma Karybdis Tyrannos bot logic

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I can add this as a tweakable option probably
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