Abyss Bot HotFix v1.016

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Abyss Bot HotFix v1.016

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Abyss Bot Hotfix v1.016 released.

Please uninstall previous version.

  • Minimum resolution adjusted for windows title bar + borders consuming eve online client area
  • Global bot task shutdown has been added to help with eve cluster shutdown
  • Hauler bot now supports remote station pickup missions
  • Hauler bot cargo check has been removed since some missions only have 0.1m3 cargo
  • Hauler bot will now decline combat missions
  • Hauler bot will now check hanger cargo m3 units to make sure that all cargo was transferred.
  • Abyss Bot tranquil abyss filament detection added
  • Abyss Bot filaments transferred to cargo will now use the profile value
  • Abyss Bot capacitor minimum lowered from 30% to 10% to help keep modules active
  • Abyss Bot will now re-activate modules that got turned off due to neuted cap
  • Abyss Bot starving vedmak target priority increased
  • Abyss Bot Devoted Knight added to target priority list
Please go to the downloads section to download Abyss Bot v1.016

Any Issues or bugs, please submit in the bug forum.