Abyss Bot Hotfix v1.015

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Abyss Bot Hotfix v1.015

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Abyss Bot Hotfix v1.015 released.

Please uninstall previous version.

  • Fix for launcher update causing Eve launcher to not be detected.
  • Added Twilit Abyssal to critical target lists
  • Added additional OK button check for dialog popups
  • Clear internal combat log when closing eve online client
  • Could lock onto the wrong window if it contained the word "EVE"
  • Abyss bot will now loot floating/separate loot windows
  • Fixed rare bug where drones might not be recalled
  • Added additional error handling in several areas
  • Increase state change timeouts and other bot action timeouts significantly.
Please go to the downloads section to download Abyss Bot v1.015

Any Issues or bugs, please submit in the bug forum.