Abyss Bot HotFix v1.012

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Abyss Bot HotFix v1.012

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Abyss Bot Hotfix v1.012 released.

Please uninstall previous version.

  • Hadal Abyssal added to critical targets for Tier 4 abyssal deadspace and above.
  • Orbit biocache maneuver can take up to 5 seconds during a heavy dps phase, so shields will be forced on during this pilot maneuver.
  • Tooltips for certain inventory items can block the search box after a stack inventory call. Fixed.
  • Screen resolutions not supported by the Abyss Bot will now display an error message.
  • Drug consumption right context menu wasn't being detected properly. Fixed.
Please go to the downloads section to download Abyss Bot v1.012

Any Issues or bugs, please submit in the bug forum.