Abyss Bot Hotfix v1.011

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Abyss Bot Hotfix v1.011

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Abyss Bot Hotfix v1.011 released.

Please uninstall previous version.

  • Profile folder moved to mydocs AbyssBot folder (allows write permissions)
  • Config file will stay persistent going forward, even after uninstalls.
  • Safety setting detection on the hud is now working on all 3 settings.
  • Bug preventing correct eve online window lock on has been fixed.
  • T6 Filaments added for abyssal deadspace activations.
  • Version check during startup was not properly comparing version numbers. Fixed.
  • DPS requirements removed for drug activation, will only use low shield values to consume now.
  • Switching to loot mode requires no hostile detection for 3 seconds and zero incoming damage for at least 10 seconds.
  • Cap stable option added to Abyss Bot, will keep shields permanently on as long as cap is above 25%.
  • Authorization bug could cause the Abyss Bot client to crash. Fixed.
  • Ships with limited target range will now work for asteroid mining. (venture)
  • Removed audio alert when switching overview sort method.
  • Warp pre-align option added for the miner bot (enables faster warp for slow mining barges)
  • Booster drug activation clicking in the wrong spot. Fixed.
Please go to the downloads section to download Abyss Bot v1.011

Any Issues or bugs, please submit in the bug forum.