Abyss Bot Configuration, Part 3

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Abyss Bot Configuration, Part 3

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In order for the Abyss Bot to validate it has enough tokens, we need to enter in the Abyss Bot account name and password in the Config tab

Account Name: (Use the account name that you created on this website/forum)
Password: (Use the password that you entered when you created your account on this website/forum)

Capture Method: Abyss Bot has 2 screen capture methods, Application or Desktop. Application is default and works on most computers, however on some computer setups depending on Windows version and hardware, Application method might not work and you'll have to select desktop method.

You can also adjust alerts and how long to play per day, including when to take breaks and how long they should be. (4 = every 4 hours)
There is also the option to enable or disable speech synthesis and enable potato mode (Disable graphics in eve online)

Abyss_Config.png (19.68 KiB) Viewed 15691 times

All of the bots have a character name text field, you must put which character you plan to use with the specific bot.
Make sure the character has been added to your characters in the UCP back in How to setup Part 1

Eve Online allows you to have 3 Characters per Eve Online account.
You must enter which Eve Online in-game character name in the character field. Capitalization matters.
You will also need to select your character slot and launcher slot, if you want the bot to be able to launch and login for you.

Abyss_Bot_Character.png (9.28 KiB) Viewed 15690 times

That's it for setup, please return to the How to forums and select which bot you want for configuration and setup.

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