Initial Abyss Bot Setup, Part 1

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Initial Abyss Bot Setup, Part 1

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Complete these 3 steps (Step 2 is IMPORTANT!):

  1. First, create an Abyss Bot account, if you haven't already you can go Here to do so. Complete step 2 below to activate 2 hour trial.
  2. Second, add your in-game Eve-Online characters you plan to use with the Abyss Bot, you can do that in the UCP Here.
  3. Third, download and install the Abyss Bot which you can do Here.

Once those steps are complete, we need to do some prep work with Eve-Online to get it ready. If you skip or miss any step, the bot will not work.

9 Steps (Est Time 4 mins).

  1. Launcher Prep: Re-size the Eve Online launcher to smallest possible size (drag right corner). Disable Directx12 (Click Gear Icon, Click Game Settings, uncheck Directx12)
  2. Reset Eve Online to Defaults: In Eve Online, open up settings (hit ESC), click Reset Settings tab and click the top 3 buttons on the right (Reset to default positions, Reset to default colors, Clear all Settings)
    *Also reset custom key binds if you have modified the keyboard binds/shortcuts (Abyss Bot requires default key binds/shortcuts)
    *Also make sure the current language is English
  3. Click General Settings Tab, Set transparency to 0, Set Dark Matter theme (you can skip this step if you're an Alpha account), Set medium font, Set Tool Tips to longest possible delay.
  4. Click Display and Graphics Tab, change to Window mode, change resolution 1600x900 or smaller, and UI Scale at 100%
  5. Click Apply, Close the Settings menu we are done.
  6. While docked inside a station, arrange the windows to look like the following mockup image:

    mockup_station.png (22.68 KiB) Viewed 8946 times

  7. Right click all menus (chat window, inventory window, station menu, etc) and click "disable light background"
  8. Re-size the Inventory to 4 icons width and 1 icon height .
  9. On the station menu, right click and select "disable light background"

Please go to the next part of the How to setup, Part 2

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