Miner Bot Setup

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Miner Bot Setup

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hint: to quickstart the miner bot, hold down the F8 key.

The Miner Bot has several settings that need to be set in order for the bot to work properly.

miner setup 1.png
miner setup 1.png (24.3 KiB) Viewed 10031 times

  • Current Profile: Save and load profiles to quickly change ships and ship load outs.
  • Ship Name: Enter the name of your ship, this is used for ship hanger search to locate your ship and repair it. Must match your ship name, must be unique.
  • Miner Name: The range of your mining lasers.
  • Drone Range: The max range of your drones, bot will tell drones to attack target once in range of a hostile or asteroid.
  • Asteroid Range: The bot will approach each asteroid and kill engines once you are in the Asteroid Range of the asteroid.
  • Cycle Time: The bot will deactivate and reactivate your miners every Cycle Time seconds. 45 is a good default value. 0 = feature disabled
  • Has Orehold: If your ship has a dedicated ore cargo hold, this needs to be selected.
  • Mining Drones: Whether or not to use drones mining drones.
  • Combat Drones: Whether or not to deploy combat drones if hostiles are detected.
  • Max Drones:: Tells the bot the maximum amount of drones you can launch at a time (5 is max)
  • Asteroid Belts: The number of actual asteroid belts in the current solar system.
  • Ignore Rats: Bot will ignore rats completely, this includes activating defense modules like shield/armor repair and shield/armor hardeners.
  • Warp Pre-align: For slow mining barges, you can select this to help speed up the warping to station. Do not use for fast ships like the venture.

The Fitting Configuration:

The fitting configuration is for letting the bot know where the module button locations are while you are in space. There are 3 tabs for Highs, Mids, Lows and each Tab has 8 dropdowns.

abyss fitting module.png
abyss fitting module.png (6.92 KiB) Viewed 10182 times


The system that you plan to mine in requires 1 bookmark, the station you plan to offload your ore. Bookmarks are ordered alphabetically, so this station must be listed as the 1st bookmark in the solar system.

Drone Window:

The drone window needs to be as small as possible, but still show all the deployed drones. If you have 5 drones, the drone window will be to be bigger. The Mining bot requires your drones to be in a drone group.
If you are going to bring Combat and Mining drones, they need to be in their own groups. The Combat drone group must be above the mining drone group if deploying with 2 drone groups and both mining drones and combat drones are selected.
If you are only bringing mining drones, then you only need 1 mining drone group.


If you have completed all the setup guides (Part 1,2,3) and your station and in space menus are all setup, you should be good to go to activate the bot.
Click the Status tab once you are ready to begin. There are two ways to start the Miner Bot.... select the miner bot dropdown and hit start button, or you can hold down F8 key and the Mining Bot will fire up. HOLD down F5 to pause the bot. You can start any of the bots from 3 possible locations: The Launcher, The Character Login Screen, Or Docked inside a station.

*The miner bot cannot be activated while in space

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