Hauler & Jumper Bot Setup

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Hauler & Jumper Bot Setup

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hint: hold F6 to start the Jumper bot, Hold F9 to start the Hauler Bot.
(F9 will open the solar system map in even online, so you will have to unbind this key in eve online)

The Jumper and Hauler/Distribution bot has a minimal configuration.

Hauler_Jumper_setup.png (20.18 KiB) Viewed 1818 times

Enter your eve online in game character name, make sure it's already been also added to the UCP Character section on the website.

The only field you need to configure is the Agent name which you plan to do distribution missions for.

In the People and Places window, you must have it set to Agent on the window tab and Agents on the search field.

*The station where the distribution agent resides must have an empty station inventory. The bot will do a full inventory transfer from station inventory to ship cargo
*The distribution bot must be started docked where the agent resides.

The Distribution Bot requires you to enable another one of the icon helpers (those tiny little grey/white icons top left corner), it's the Agent one, and its only visible when you have a mission. (The agent one looks like a guy wearing a hat kinda like a spy). If it's enabled/working, you will see a blue button on your screen with the agent helper expanded if you have an active distribution mission.

Hold F9 to start the Hauler bot, or click the Status tab and select the hauler or jump bot and click start. F9 Might be bound in Eve Online, so you might need to unbind it.
The bot will search for the agent, start a conversation, accept a mission then do a cargo transfer and
undock and jump gate travel to the destination, it will offload the cargo and return back to the agent and repeat for another mission.

*The Jumper bot can only be activated in space once you undock. Set a course/route then hold F6, or click the Status tab and select the bot and hit start.

Your destination for the Jumper bot should always be a station, which it will dock up.
If you are running a ship that can run a covert ops cloak, you can select it in the fitting configuration menu and the bot will activate it during warp gate travel

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