Abyss Bot Setup

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Abyss Bot Setup

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hint: To quickstart the Abyss Bot, hold down F7 key.
Warning: Abyssal Deadspace is dangerous, you need almost maxed out skills in order to survive T3 and above, even T2.
The following 2 tools can help with planning fits and skills if your character doesn't have enough skill points.
Pyfa: https://github.com/pyfa-org/Pyfa/releases
Evemon: https://github.com/peterhaneve/evemon/releases/

The Abyss Bot has several settings that need to be set in order for the bot to work properly.

abyss bot setup.png
abyss bot setup.png (21.49 KiB) Viewed 20288 times

  • Current Profile: Save and load profiles to quickly change ships and ship load outs.
  • Ship Name: Enter the name of your ship, this is used for ship hanger search to locate your ship and repair it. Must match your ship name, must be unique.
  • Weapon Range: The range of the weapons on your ship, bot will activate your weapon slots once in range of a hostile.
  • Drone Range: The max range of your drones, bot will tell drones to attack target once in range of a hostile.
  • Reload Time: The reload time of your weapons, this lets the bot know how long to ignore weapon slots until reload is finished.
  • Use Nanite: Will transfer 100 units of nanite to cargo hold, as long as your inventory has enough. Will repair heat damaged modules between Abyss's.
  • Use Drugs: Will transfer 'blue pill' and 'hardshell' drugs to inventory, which ever ones you provide and consume both if incoming damage is overwhelming.
  • Overheat: Will overheat prop mod and armor/shield mods in certain conditions to help with surviving the abyss.
  • Cap Stable: Will keep shield booster or armor repairer on at all times, other wise it will intelligently manage capacitor and shield/armor modules.
  • Max Fissures: How many abyss fissures you want to activate before returning to dock for repairs and inventory restock and loot drop off.
  • Max Drones: Maximum number of drones that will be launched into space at one time and how many the bot will attempt to monitor as long as drone window is big enough.
  • Fleet Mode: Bot will create fleet if selected and will and change abyssal ship class when activating the abyss, default is None for cruiser class ships.
  • Drone Recall: Bot will recall drones either on drones receiving damage or if the drone is being targeted (yellow box'd), default is Damage.
  • Bookmarks: The # of abyssal bookmarks you would like the bot to randomly use (Dont include your station bookmark count here)
  • Abyss Fissure Type: Which tier and type of abyss you want the bot to use, will transfer *MAX FISSURES* worth into your ship cargo hold.
  • Abyss Ammo Type: Which ammo you want the bot to use, will transfer from station hanger into ship cargo hold.
  • Abyss Ammo Count: Amount of ammo you want the bot to transfer from station hanger to ship cargo hold.

You will want to make sure you have enough items in your station inventory or the bot will shut down if it runs out.

The bot will consume both shield drugs if it thinks it's in trouble (High incoming dps most likely the marshal rooms)
If shields/armor hit 25% or lower, it will overheat the shield/armor modules.

The Fitting Configuration:

The fitting configuration is for letting the bot know where the module button locations are while you are in space. There are 3 tabs for Highs, Mids, Lows and each Tab has 8 dropdowns.
Active modules need to go before passive modules in their respective row

abyss fitting module.png
abyss fitting module.png (6.92 KiB) Viewed 21556 times

Once everything has been set, you can save the profile so you won't have to enter the data again.


The system that you plan to do the abyss sites in requires 2 bookmarks. One for the station and one for the abyss sites
There is only 1 rule for the bookmarks:
Bookmarks are sorted alphabetically, so your station bookmark must be #1 and the abyss site must be #2 in the bookmark list for the desired solar system. You can have more than 1 abyss bookmark (optional)

Fleet Mode:

In order to get Fleet mode to work properly, you just pre-setup the fleet windows or the windows will pop up and block the bot from reading the screen.
The easiest way to prep the fleet windows is to manually create a fleet for your self, then dock the 2 windows (fleet chat, fleet window) into the chat window (drag and drop).
This will convert them into tabbed mode and any time you join or create a fleet, the windows will be docked upon creation and not draw over other windows.

Drone Recall:

For ships that offer drone HP boost like the gila and worm, drone recall should be set on damage using caldari navy drones or augmented caldari drones.
Ships that do not offer HP boost for drones should select Targeted option, as this will recall the drones faster when being yellow boxed to try and reduce drone death.

Drone Window:

Required skills: Drones V.
The drone window needs to be as small as possible, but still show all the deployed drones. If you have 5 deployed drones, the drone window will need to be bigger.
You can have up to 5 drone groups, and each group should only contain the number of max drones you can deploy at one time. For example, the optimal
Drone groups for the Gila with the abyss is 2 drone groups, and each group only has 2 drones (max medium drones that can be deployed at one time)
Drone groups in the drone bay need to be collapsed, and when they are in space they need to be expanded.
Make sure drones icons are disabled, click the 3 dots in the drone window and under View Mode select List

Drone_mockup.png (11.06 KiB) Viewed 21226 times
Drone_mockup2.png (12.4 KiB) Viewed 21225 times

If you have completed all the setup guides (Part 1,2,3) and your docked and in space menus are all setup, you should be good to go to activate the bot.
You can either select the bot from the Main Status Tab then hit start, or you can hold on F7 key and the Abyss Bot will fire up. F5 will pause the bot.
You can start Any of the bots from 3 possible locations. The Launcher, The Character Login Screen, Or Docked inside a station.

*The Abyss Bot cannot be activated while in space, it must be docked in station
*Highly recommended you test the Abyss Bot on the Singularity test server first to make sure everything is setup correctly.
*Activating the bot with it incorrectly setup and not tested will most likely result in ship death.

If you don't already have a ship fit for the abyss, please visit our recommended starter fits here
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